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Track of the Day: Michael Mayer – Lout

Track of the Day: Michael Mayer – Lout

I have been excited for today to come around for a while. Kompakt is an umbrella for many legendary imprints and Speicher Records is easily my favorite. Earlier this year I noticed that the Speicher sub-label was approaching its 100th release. Ill paste a blurb down below of some of the history of Speicher but basically (and I am biased) they have been one of the best techno labels on the planet since it began back in 2002 and really 1999 if were getting technical. Several of the top producers in the genre have releases on the label such as Laurent Garnier, Kölsch, Oxia, Danny Daze, Patrice Baumel, and too many more to list off here. One of my most cherished vinyls is Speicher 34 and I cant wait for #100 to get here along with that epic patch! Like I said I am a little biased. For #100 along with some excellent selections from Jörg Burger, Jürgen Paape, producers of #99 and regular contributors to Speicher Voigt & Voigt, and label boss Michael Mayer gives us a treat with a new single of his own. This will be focus for our track of the day. Starting off with a punchy 4 on the floor groove along with a singular stabbing synth note, each piece of the track gradually builds and works its way into the track. A second stabbing synth slides in and gives us a sort of call and response effect with the original synth from the start of the song. In the background a really soft pad starts winding its way up before introducing a charismatic arp synth that cuts its way in and out of the groove. This all culminates in a majestic menagerie of synths that whisk you off to another place entirely before gently settling you right back into the groove. Congratulations to the Speicher team and the Kompakt Records family. Looking forward to #101 and the next 100 to come.

Here is something from the Speicher website that they wrote I felt like sharing with you all also Beatport streamed the entire album on vinyl which I have posted below for you to check out. Enjoy.

“The Speicher series actually has two birth dates: a first one in 1999, when a “Kompakt For Cisco” 12” special edition inadvertently created a new sub label with the rather pragmatically titled Kompakt Extra 001. Two years later, a Kompakt 12” sampler called “Speicher 1” introduced the name of the series that we know today – and a blueprint for idiosyncratic, powerful techno with clear dance floor ambitions.
MICHAEL MAYER was featured on both of these parent releases and also co-helmed the iconic Speicher 2 vinyl from 2002 (which brought us two essential Kompakt cuts with his own “Pride Is Weaker Than Love” and Reinhard Voigt’s “Supertiel”) – more than enough reasons to have him start off the celebratory 100th Speicher with a bang: LOUT sees Kompakt’s label head engage in bold, synth-laden prime time techno and the kind of epic noise break that informed his earliest output as a producer and DJ.”

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