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Track of the Day: Mallone – Let The Right One In

Track of the Day: Mallone – Let The Right One In

It has been a little while since we have featured anything from the folks over at Steyoyoke. A label that has long been a staple in many of my sets. The “Black” sub-label doesn’t put out as many releases as the parent label but when they do my ears definitely perk up. It is how I discovered the amazing talents of Binaryh, Nick Devon and the producer for todays Track of the Day, Mallone. The German producer has been making techno lovers pretty happy the last few years with a steady stream of meaty techno grooves. Today we have one of two new originals off his latest EP for Steyoyoke Black. “Let The Right One In” is a straight down the rabbit hole track. We dive right in from the first bar accentuated with a punchy kick that slaps you right in the face. Add in a little sub bass and somehow make the kick even beefier and Mallone settles in with the groove quite smoothly. Next comes the trombones/tubas that seem to be having this back and forth conversation that bounces around in my head. In the mean time back in the lab Mallone is mixing in a whole bunch more bass and as if the kick wasn’t already massive he beefs it up just a little bit more. I sort of imagine a couple of Elephants having a game of tennis at Wimbledon. Thundering around on the grass courts occasionally scaring the shit out of people as they come rumbling towards the stands and diving for shots. Any way I digress. This track hits hard and fast and is sure to get any techno fan up stomping their feet. You can check out the other track on the EP as well as couple others from Mallone below. Enjoy.

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