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Track of the Day: KlangKuenstler – Save the Rave

Track of the Day: KlangKuenstler – Save the Rave

Hope you have all recovered from your 4th of July celebrations. Still feeling a little ravey so I thought I’d share this new one from Klangkuenstler for Stil Vor Talent Records. In addition to the many house and tech house originals in his collections of productions, Klangkuenstler has become well known over the last several years flipping classic sounds from the 80’s and especially the 90’s. Some of my favorites are “Jam Master Jack”, “Back to the Old School” and “Drunk In Chicago”. Today’s track “Save The Rave” instantly resonated with me as soon as I heard that classic 90’s rave synth. It took me a minute to place it at first, having a very familiar feel, but it finally came to me… “Operation Blade”! It resonated with me so much as this is about the time I started collecting vinyl and learning how to mix records. I have this one on my collection and love to bring it out from time to time. Klangkuenstler absolutely smashes it with this new take on the classic. Leaving behind the ever popular “Bass in the Place” vocal sample Klangkuenstler focuses on developing a solid tech house groove that perfectly compliments the “Rave” synth, giving a fresh new feel and providing this classic some new life again close to 17 years after its original release. Check out the Original down below along with some others from KlangKuenstler’s catalog below.

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