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Track Of The Day: Awaken – The Fantasy

Hey LAMP Fam. Hope you had a nice weekend. We wanted to take a moment to recognise and support our good friend Awaken and congratulate him on his release with the Fenestra. A new sub label of one of our favorite labels Einmusika. You may also remember his releases on our own label PUZL Records and we are excited to show this ep some love today.

A reflection of the situation the world has been dealing with through this strange year Awaken takes us through a myriad of emotions with the three new tracks available on this EP.

For today we will just focus on one of them, and the one which resonates most closely with me, “The Fantasy”. Right from the start you can hear the sounds of children and people out enjoying their day going about their business and talking and laughing. Thinking about the title everything really hits home, as this is the fantasy we are all having right now. Wondering when we will be able to come back to a new normal and enjoy the company of others, laugh with our friends, share a dancefloor with strangers and hopefully find a new normal. As things get going in the song we are treated to somewhat dark and edgy top line that I absolutely love accented with some soft piano notes that give it a brighter tone. Slowly we are introduced to the whole song as this track gradually builds and allows the listener to absorb the the different elements. I really enjoyed the plucky notes and how they bounce along with the groove and the sharp synth notes that drift around in my head moving swiftly right to left. I imagine being out in the desert with our friends right as the sun is rising people happily bouncing along with the groove, enjoying the moment. This is the real fantasy.

Included in the EP are two other tracks which you can check out below. If you enjoy these tracks make sure to support by giving Awaken a follow on Spotify. Or head over to beatport and add ‘Anticipation’ to your music collection. Cheers, enjoy and have a great day!!


Awaken – Anticipation


1 – The Reflection

2 – The Unknown

3 – The Fantasy


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