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Track of the Day: Volkoder – How

It has been a little while since we featured Volkoder here for TOTD. The Brazilian producer has been one of our favorites for a while here at LAMP and when we got word of his new EP for Dirtybird we figured it was perfect opportunity to share some more of his music with you with Campout just around the corner. I think it is safe to say despite Volkoder not being on the line-up we will here this track in at least a few sets throughout the weekend. The EP which releases today is comprised of two new tech house beasts. Put together “How” & “I Talk” make up the title of the album.
Today we are going to dive into “How” a little deeper so lets get to it.

With “How”, Volkoder draws us in with a fun congo samba style groove and gets our hips shakin. The second phrase introduces us to the main vocals which are super fun and mixed perfectly with the rest of the track. For the life of me can’t really figure out what the lyrics are but it must just be how he talks 😉 Once the kick jumps into the mix shortly after the track really gets moving as Volkoder builds us up to the introduction of a speaker destroying super saw chord synth that I can imagine would put a few people on the floor with the right sound system. There is an immense amount of energy and fullness to it. It feels like it wraps around my whole body when it emanates from the speakers in my studio. There is no denying your body on this one. Just let go and let your body move when it hits your ears, you know you want to. Along with “How”, “I Talked” is available as of today on Dirtybird Records. Currently Volkoder is on tour around his home country of Brazil and soon headed to Spain. Keep an eye out here for any future tour dates and make sure to follow him. Cheers.


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