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Track of the Day: Ryan McKay – Wound Kisser

Glasgow, Scotland is the home of our track of the day artist Ryan McKay. We have another smashing brand new techno release from a legend in the game Gary Beck’s label. There is no doubt in my mind that if Beck is going to stand behind a release it is going to be of the highest quality. Relased today on BEK Audio is McKay’s debut EP ‘Illusions’. With it we get 4 extremely energetic techno delights that will keep you glued to what ever dance floor you find yourself listening to these on. If you are asking yourself whether or not the McKay name rings a bell you would be correct in assuming that Ryan is the younger brother of another techno mastermind Harvey McKay. For our track of the day I chose to go with “Wound Kisser”.

I am so thankful to my techno fairies for putting this on my radar so I can share it with you. The entire EP is absolutely fantastic. There is only one track of the day though and the one that grabbed me most is ‘Wound Kisser’. A thick stabbing bass line accompanied by king size kick feels like a heard of hundreds of elephants all marching/ running perfectly in time storming through an enemy battlefield wrecking shop. A sultry female vox meanders in and out of the mix adding to the ominous vibe of the track. The track is pretty straightforward and in your face with only one little moment to relax in the bridge before a wonky but extremely fun arpeggio bounces back and forth to reintroduce the main bass line again. The track is fairly minimal in its elements, however the sound design is impeccable and the arrangement is highly entertaining and engaging. Keep an eye out for Ryan as he is setting off on what has the potential to be a great career. You can find the full release below and here is a link to purchase from beatport for my DJ peeps out there.

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