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Track of the Day: Ewan Rill – Here The Place

Track of the Day: Ewan Rill – Here The Place

Happy Monday! Today we have a track from Russian producer and DJ Ewan Rill. Early last year Rill released ‘Kupol EP’ on Russian progressive house label Clinique Recordings and just a couple of months ago Clinique released a remix package featuring remixes from Paul Hamilton and Yuriy From Russia. My favorite track from the set is Rill’s original mix of ‘Here The Place’. ‘Here The Place’ leads in with a dull kick and a modulated synth effect that screams progressive house. But at about a minute the verse drops in with a deep, dark binary bass that changes the tone of the track into a dark marching techno tune. Rill does a spectacular job of dancing back and forth between the two different moods. One minute you have a thumping warehouse track, the next you are surrounded by bubbles. Love it!

Ivan Romanovskii, or Ewan Rill, is a Russian DJ, producer, and label boss from the heart of Siberia. Romanovskii is a journeyman tried and true. He has played all over Russia from his native Serbia to Moscow and St. Petersburg while, according to his website, producing over 700 tracks and remixes. The list of labels that he has released for is long but some of the highlights include Baroque, Balkan Connection, Majestic Family Records, and more recently Clinique. His own label, Sever, dropped its fourth and fifth EP’s this year which included a solo EP of Rill’s called ‘Enter Cyborg’ as well as one he produced alongside Mind Cure and Caspar called ‘Pull Down’.

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