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Track of the Day: Anja Schneider – Soul Traveler


Track of the Day: Anja Schneider – Soul Traveler

Happy Monday my friends! In anticipation of her upcoming show on Saturday night I thought I would bring you a track from one of my all-time favorite acts: mobilee co-boss Anja Schneider. The easy choice would have been a track from ‘Rain’ but I thought we should go a little further back to the title track of her first EP of 2016, ‘Soul Traveler’. ‘Soul Traveler’ is a deep, soulful tune that highlights Schneider’s acumen as a melodic techno producer. It features a fun little spoken vocal sample from a 70’s Blaxploitation Sci Fi film (Space is the Place) that sets the mood over her own original groove. As you would expect from Schneider, ‘Soul Traveler’ is just the right track for late-night peak hour. Absolutely brilliant track.

It almost feels like a waste of time trying to put together a short bio and list of achievements for someone like Anja Schneider so I’ll just turn this into a fanboy gush letter. Not only is Schneider the head of one of electronic music’s premiere labels but her own music has been burning dancefloors to the ground for years. Everything she touches slays. From Schneider’s earlier work like Rancho Relaxo and Lily of the Valley to more recent releases like Diagonal and Rain her music oozes personality and taste. On top of that mobilee has released some of the most important records for acts like Pan-Pot, Lee Van Dowski, and Re.You.

Make sure to catch Anja Schneider this Saturday night (11/12) at the Globe Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Schneider will be spinning alongside fellow mobilee artist Rodriguez Jr. (live) as well as Southern California Burning Man staples Dance Spirit (live), Kevin Anderson, and RYBO.

Get there early and don’t leave until dawn!


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