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Premiere: System Of Survival – Nu Soul Era

Hope you have all been enjoying this unofficial kick off to the summer this past weekend. To start of this week of summer vibes we have a brand new premiere for you from the legends System Of Survival. I first came across this Italian duo when I was living in Ibiza in the summer of 2009. They would stop into Delano’s and drop unannounced sets in the late afternoon that would get us super hyped for the evening. They are a truly unique and extremely gifted pair of producers. The diversity in their productions is what has really drawn me to them over the years. It can range from deep and soulful house to tech laden grooves that bang away into the early dawn. If you want to book an act that can hold it down and create massive vibes from dusk ’til dawn and every where in between these are your guys. They have a massive number of releases with many hitting the highly touted Get Physical Records along with Bpitch Control, Bedrock, and several others. Your upcoming release that we have featured here is hitting the upstart Italian label Deset Records here at the end of the week and we are excited to share it with you today.

“Nu Soul Era” is one of two new originals from System of Survival, the other being “Funky Left Funky Right”, along with two remixes from Boo Williams and Ricardo Miranda. Right away the punchy four on the floor groove and acid tinged synth drew me in, setting me up for the sweet sounds and pulsating back and forth motion of the organ lead. When the organ takes over the song switches over to being all about those drums. The drums play around with each other adding in some new ones while keeping the core groove intact and just making for a really fun track to just kinda get lost and dance your face off. About halfway through the song it switches back over the vibe at the start of the song and sort of goes through a similar transition just keeping you in that dance your face off mode basically from start to finish. I could listen to this track for hours, System Of Survival have a knack for creating infections vibes in their tracks that keep you coming back for more. Look out for the full release coming soon from Deset Records. I will update the digital release info as I get it and if you are a vinyl junky then you can pre-order that down below. also check out a couple of the other releases of the EP. Enjoy.

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