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Premiere: Hoani Teano – Cxema [Carton-Pâte Records]

Premiere: Hoani Teano – Cxema [Carton-Pâte Records]

Happy Monday my friends! Today we have a phenomenal track to premiere for you from Hoani Teano, an incredibly talented up and coming DJ and producer from Switzerland. Teano’s forthcoming EP ‘Night In Kiev’ is set for release next Monday with our dear friends over at Carton-Pâte Records.

‘Cxema’ is a beautiful and complex house tune that sucks you in right from the start and doesn’t let you go for a full six and a half minutes. The track leads in with a big, hollow kick and a tight snare that keep the track chugging along. I like the way Teano gradually builds the track into a deep, multilayered progressive house song. It starts out with the chugging percussion but when the synths slide in with the melodies the whole tone of the song changes. It draws you in and before you realize it you are on a weird journey that you didn’t realize that you were about to go on. Then after the breakdown when the verse drops back in you can’t help but bob your head. Great tune and a remarkable Carton-Pâte debut for the young Swiss producer!

Keep an eye out for Teano’s EP ‘Night In Kiev’ on Monday 7/31 via Carton-Pâte Records!

Hoani Teano is an up and coming DJ and producer from Switzerland. He first started creating his own music in 2012 and in just 5 short years has become something of a beast. His work over the last couple of years is noteworthy to say the least. Following a string of incredible releases on labels like System Recordings, Arteria Music Label, and Doppleganger, Teano shows us just how far he has come with this latest release on Carton-Pâte. Definitely an artist to keep your eye on!

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