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LAMP Weekly Mix #185 feat. Miles DiPaola

LAMP Weekly Mix #185 feat. Miles DiPaola

If you’ve gone out to an electronic music show in LA at some point in the past few years you’ve most likely crossed paths with Miles DiPaola. Originally hailing from Cuba, NY, Miles has inserted himself directly into the scene from the moment he arrived and building relationships with the scenes major clubs, promoters, labels and media outlets. His energetic personality will draw anyone close and his “help others first” attitude has allowed him to be apart of every facet of the industry.

We’ve personally had the fortune of having Miles play a few shows for us already and this week we’re extremely excited to feature him on our series. He’s queued up some wonderful tracks and will definitely take you on a energy filled journey of house.

MR PUZL: It goes without saying, but we are very glad to have you on our series! We’ve had the opportunity to share the decks with and even have you perform at our shows. What have you got queued up for our listeners this week?

Miles DiPaola: This mix is basically an hour of a bunch of tracks I love to play out. I tried cramming in a few different sub genres. From high to low energy. Mainly records from some of my favorite artists out there: Way Out West, Joris Voorn, Four Tet. I’ve really been loving Tee Mango’s productions.

MP: In your bio you mentioned you are originally form Cuba, New York and started out playing the trumpet and guitar. Why did you choose to start learning those particular instruments? Do you still play either of them today?

MDP: Well, as far as me playing the trumpet, I remember that NOT being my decision. I signed up to play saxophone. I remember specifically picking that instrument for band. I came in the next day and saw my name next to trumpet. I like to think it was because of my name – the music teacher was really into Miles Davis – but I went to a pretty small school so it was probably a numbers thing. Either way I really excelled at it and still miss playing these days.

My father gave me my first guitar. I was really into punk music back then, until I actually learned to really play. Then my taste changed dramatically. I got into Radiohead deeply. I remember my one year of catholic school I would play guitar for mass. I got to freestyle while people took communion and thought I was so clever playing depressing Radiohead songs while they performed their rituals. I still play guitar today but not as much as I should.

MP: You then moved to Buffalo to expand your musical horizons. What was the impulse behind moving there?

MDP: Sadly, compared to where I grew up, Buffalo was a really big city. It was for sure a more diverse area from what I was used to. They really have a rich music scene and the bars & clubs stayed open till 4am so that was pretty exciting for young me and my fake i.d.

MP: Now you’re here in LA continuing to pursue your career in music. What are some important things you’ve learned at each stage of your journey till this point? Do you have any advice for others who are pursuing music careers in LA?

MDP: I feel really lucky that from the beginning of me moving here I fell into the exact creative circles that I wanted to. Some DJs I used to love when I was starting out back east are my friends here now. This city has anything you could ever be into and a bunch of like-minded people to go with that. My advice for anybody out here pursuing music is to figure out your own identity and what you like, then go find who else is doing that out here. Go network with those people! At the same time I also have had to learn when to stay home, recharge, and be healthy and creative. This city is awesome, but wow can it really swallow you up if you aren’t careful. Balance is key!

MP: We first met you at our Underrated show with Kraak & Smack last year. You’ve had the fortune of playing with some other amazing acts throughout your career so far. Are the any particular ones that stick out in your mind as truly special?

MDP: That show was a huge one! I love Kraak & Smaak so much! When L’affaire Musicale & Orlove Entertainment brought them live this year I lost it! The act that sticks out of everyone I played with over the years is probably Keys n’ Krates. This was back in NY. They were just signed to Dim Mak and I was really into turntablism at that time. Their live DJ band dynamic was such a crazy energy. In the realm of house, it was an honor to share a stage with Crazy P. They are legends, and I got to perform with my friend Boots, who raps over house music with a really cool flow.

MP: You’ve positioned yourself as an versatile, muilt-genre DJ with a “religious love” for house music. What are some guilty pleasure tunes that you’d play in an open format set? Any tunes that you can resist playing when your in a house mood?

MDP: Move Your Feet – Junior Senior is totally a guilty pleasure, or anything Prince. If I can’t resist the house, I go to Gregory Porter’s 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub). It’s so funky and people always respond. Great trumpet solo in that one!

MP: As well as an all round talented DJ you’ve spent time in the studio working on your own music. Would you say you prefer to do one over the other? What kind of music are currently working on, and do you have an audience in mind for it?

MDP: I’ve been working on a lot of tech-house, some summery disco house, and some ambient cinematic songs. I will always be a DJ first, but I love the new education I have invested in with production. I’m hoping to release an EP soon, but I’m always never finished with anything. I’m working on that! The audience I would have in mind is one with open minds.

MP: When you’re not performing or working on music what do you do to kick back and let the mind reset?

MDP: I try and do anything with my hands, like making pasta from scratch. I might customize a Technic 1200 that I have refurbished. For entertainment I go to the Comedy Store in West Hollywood because I’m a stand-up nerd. I find it the most honest form of art.

MP: We heard you’re not too shabby in the kitchen and that it sounds like pasta is a specialty. Do you have a particular style or type that you’d call your “signature” dish?

MDP: I like making something new every time I cook. It keeps me interested. If had to pick something that was a favorite recently I would have to choose sage butter sweet potato gnocchi with broccoli rabe.

You can catch Miles spinning at Wicked Delight at Sea presents Darius this Saturday!


1. All About Good Times (Original Mix) – Brett Gould
2. West Coast (Original Mix) – Mad Villains, Maxine Garman
3. Mike The Swamp (Original Mix) – Russ Yallop, wAFF
4. Dawn (Green Mix) – Joris Voorn
5. Tear My Heart ft. Lulu James (Original Mix) – Moon Boots
6. Set My Mind (Original Mix) – Way Out West
7. Esquape (Original Mix) – Joris Voorn
8. Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix) – Todd Terje
9. IT WAS U – Tee Mango
10. Iria (Dave DK Remix) – Mugarrirantz Feat. Napoka
11. Thanks (Original Mix) – Attlas


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