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LAMP Weekly Mix #182 feat. Von Gold

Festival season is in full swing, summer is upon us here in LA, and there are parties raging day and night. The energy is real and those of us who are fortunate to conduct the crowds likely have a plethora of music to share with them. Enter Von Gold, with his infectious demeanor and knack for throwing down some proper Techno sets.

We are fortunate to have him grace our series this week and he’s put together quite the mix for us! It’s a healthy mixture of old, new and even a few of his own unreleased works, forthcoming on Understated, that are guaranteed to get you ready for the uncanny amount of parties you’ll be attending over the 4th of July weekend!

Check out his exclusive interview with MR PUZL below as he talks about his roots, a passion for bringing crowds together.

MR PUZL: Welcome, Von Gold! We are no strangers to your sound and are very glad to have you on our mix series. What have you served up for our listeners this week? Did you have something in mind when first working on the mix?

Von Gold: The mix contains some of my all time favorite tracks as well as new ones and a few unreleased tracks I could never get bored of. When I created the mix, I wanted something that’s interesting, that fits my unreleased tracks, and is pleasant to hear, but dark at the same time. Something that gives people energy and good mood for every situation.

MP: Your Soundcloud profile lists LA, Phoenix and Munich as places you’re from or have lived. Tell us how this musical journey first began and how you ended up here in LA.

VG: I was born and raised in Munich, Germany until I moved to Phoenix at the age of 17. I began my musical journey in Munich where I was introduced to djing and producing at the age of 14 in a youth center that had a solid studio and a dj room with two 1210’s and a bunch of vinyl. I began to mess around a few days every week after school trying to make dubstep and dnb, because that’s what I was into until I was 19 or so. When I moved to Phoenix, young Von Gold wasn’t able to do any of the cool stuff that he used to do like going to clubs, getting trashed and stuff like that. It was also really hard for me to socialize so the only things I could’ve done were playing video games and getting deeper into music production. I taught myself how to produce with countless of YouTube tutorials often centered around sound design. I was introduced to the LA scene only a few years ago where I went to my first house event in LA, which was City Hearts at the Belasco. I was amazed by the whole experience and kept coming back for my house and techno party cravings Phoenix couldn’t satisfy, and all the awesome friends I’ve been making over the short time that grew to my heart and became family.

MP: We’re extremely excited and looking forward to your forthcoming release on Understated! How would you describe your sound? Who were some of your influences while you were making this EP?

VG: For my upcoming release I wanted something dark and groovy with a lot of synth elements, something hypnotizing and energetic for the dance floor or in the car. I was very much influenced by 2016 Desert hearts spring festival specially DH resident Porky (Porkchop) who’s set was my favorite. I wanted to make something that he would enjoy playing.

MP: When you sit down to make a track, what are some initial things you always do before getting started? Do you usually have something already in mind before you set out to start crafting the song?

VG: Before making music I try to meditate for a little bit before getting in a zone. It varies sometimes I just play around creating sounds and presets and then go from there. Other times I have something specific in mind and try to transform my brainwaves to sound waves.

MP: Speaking of the studio, what kind of setup do you usually work with? Do you ever work on the road? If so, what do you usually bring with you?

VG: I work mostly in the DAW (Ableton) with decent audio equipment and that’s pretty much all I need. I’m planning to get something like a machine and getting into modules and analog synths. For the road all I need is my mac and my HD25 Dj headphones.

MP: Techno, like many other genres of electronic music, has manifested and evolved quickly over time. It has bridged the gap between other genres and spawned a plethora of sub-styles. What do you feel is one of the unifying characteristics across that spectrum that defines a really great Techno track?

VG: I’m extremely picky with music, I wish I could like it all but it’s almost the opposite. I feel the most important part in a techno song is the energy it brings to the audience. Great techno tracks to me are creatively teasing, create excitement and make you wanna move. I’m not so big on vocals I always prefer fat synths.

MP: As audiences grow and become more aware of how electronic is made and even get the opportunity to utilize some of the same tools that professionals use do you feel compelled to elevate your own productions to provide them with something more unique?

VG: Yes of course you have to stand out if you really want to make it nowadays. Every artist copies, that’s how we learn from each other, but having your own sound is showing the world your soul so that they can relate to you.

MP: Hybrid setups and even fully broken out live bands are coming back into the rotation of many of scenes prestigious shows and events. Do you see yourself incorporating live elements into your performances in the future?

VG: Totally. I haven’t gotten into it yet, but it looks like a lot of fun and you can be really creative later on like playing your originals, but slightly modifying them live for a more memorable performance. I’m planning on doing live sets in the near future once I get the gear I need.

MP: On that note. What is one instruments, that no matter how hard you try to craft digitally always sounds better live?

VG: There are some mad plugins nowadays that make this a hard one for most instruments. Any string instrument like Guitars and violins except the deep bass ones will always sound better live. Good thing is that I don’t need those in my tunes.

MP: Where can people catch you performing next?

VG: I’m playing a deep techno set at Shady Park with techno artist like Alex Young Rolando Hodar the 30th of June. Pitch A Tent festival in Flagstaff the 14th of July. And A secret warehouse party the 22h July


1. Extra Welt – Mit Liese Auf der Wiese (Max Cooper Remix)
2. Matador – Klout & Bones (Original Mix)
3. Von Gold – Defectio (Original Mix)
4. Miguel Bastida – Focus UK (Original Mix)
5. Layton Giordani – Relentless (Original Mix)
6. Macronism – Who Wants It (Original Mix)
7. Heiko Laux – Onyx (Original Mix)
8. Enrico Sangiuliano – Capernoited (Original Mix)
9. Maksim Dark – Sumpremmel (Original Mix)
10. Artbat – Wall (Original Mix)
11. Von Gold – Exeo (Original Mix)
12. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Jupiter Sunrise (Original Mix)
13. Marc Poppcke – This Is Just The Beginning (MIDAS 104 Remix)

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