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LAMP Weekly Mix #178 Feat. PZB

LAMP Weekly Mix #178 Feat. PZB

Prepare to be mentally transported to another dimension. Jumping in between guests we throw it back to PZB this week and are treated to some fantastic vibes and smooth melodies to keep you going through your day. As usual PZB impresses us with his vast library of music transcending decades. Keeping us guessing what’s coming next as he bends the genres of house, techno and progressive music to his will and takes us on a musical adventure. The track list for this mix is stacked with some absolutely insane artists including Sasha, Lee Van Dowski, Sebastien Leger, German Brigante, Anii and much more. A complete track list and a short write up from PZB can be found below check it out while you sit back and let yourself float away.

PZB: Hey guys and gals out there in the LAMPisphere. Pretty stoked to get the opportunity to jump in to the rotation this week between guests. It has been a great run recently with mixes from The Golden Boy, Kiko, & Sante Sansone. Going to keep it a surprise but the next two weeks coming up are going to be pretty special as well. With such great talent stacked on either side including one of my all time favorite producers ever Kiko joining the series I felt a little more pressure than usual to deliver a great product for you all this week. I really struggled this week with the vibe and flow I wanted to develop. There were times I truly wanted to throw my mixer across the room. Between it having power issues and shutting down on me mid session to the general frustration that comes with wanting everything to come together just right. In addition I had to get through a pretty serious mental road block that was really messing with my head and the direction I wanted to take the mix. Did I want to go down the house road with the Defected and Material type labels or was I in the mood for something more driving like the techno vibes of Tronic, Noir, and Octopus? I wound up landing somewhere in the middle I think. Ultimately even after all the headache I was able to lay down a solid hour of tracks that I am excited to share with you. Hopefully it will take you on a little journey that will help you lose yourself just a little before gently bringing you back to the real world.

Track List

1.) T.Raumschmiere – Wacker
2.) Jonas Rathsman – Within Borders
3.) Juan Astudillo – Shaman
4.) German Brigante – So Good
5.) Cari Golden, Reinier Zonneveld – Bending The End
6.) Anii – Chemical Feeling
7.) Pablo Bolivar, In2Deep – Eve
8.) Fideles, Uner – Havona
9.) Lee Van Dowski – Tale Of Ordinary Madness
10.) Township Rebellion – Mercury
11.) Sebastien Leger – La Danse Du Scorpion
12.) Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin – Telesto
13.) Sasha – Xpander (Max Cooper Remix)

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