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LAMP Weekly Mix #174 feat. 333

“Sometimes the world feels harsh. It’s easy to get angry. Thankfully there is music. Beautiful house music. In all its wonderful forms. Something that gives us hope, love, peace, unity and eternal friendships. That has taught me to love, live, dance, create and respect.

This is a window into a world that I know exists. That I know is beautiful. Filled with incredible people. That was my life for so many years. That still is my life in so many ways. That I wish everyone could experience. That I am lucky enough to be able to visit whenever I can. That I will always cherish….”



Mastered by Joe Flores / Joeski
Recorded at Maya Studios, Queens, NY


1. Gamma Five (Original Mix) – Four Days
label: Mind Over Matter / Warner Bros.
2. Antequera Summer (Magnetic Bros Mix) – Stergios
label: Deep Blue Eyes
3. The Way ft. Lara (Sonic Future Mix) – Stark + Sahin
label: Bad Pony
4. Hostage (Sasha Mix) – Klangstof
label: Mind of a Genius
5. Diving with Whales (Extended Mix) – Nora En Pure
label: Enormous Tunes
6. Shelter (Original Mix) – Trilucid
label: Zerothree
7. Billinghurst (Original Mix) – Jeremy Olander
label: Vivrant
8. Fill me up feat. Lula Mae (Original Vocal Mix) – Stan Kolev, Sula Mae
label: Outta Limits
9. Sweeps (Magitman Mix) – Verve
label: Particles
10. Fortan (Original Mix) – Ferhplay
label: Mood of Mind
11. Alone (Original Mix) – Christoph
label: Knee Deep in Sound

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