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LAMP Premiere: VONDA7 – Pure Intentions [art|werk]

I can’t be 100% certain how and when we discovered VONDA7 but we have been writing about her here over the last couple years and been fans of hers long before that. When she contacted us about premiering a track of her upcoming release Pure Intentions we were more than happy to oblige. A very limited number of copies of the Vinyl distribution went out on Sept 28th and the digital release is scheduled for this Friday October 5th on art|werk Records. The Polish native is consistently impressing us with her attention to detail and over arching style that exudes beyond just her music. Her whole approach to music production is very hands on and extremely well coordinated. She put so much thought into every detail of her releases. With “Pure Intention” we get a 4 track EP that will really take the listener on a journey as each track has its own distinct characteristics and set a slightly different mood. From the Soulful soundscapes of “All In Flames” and the upbeat groove and melodies of “Babcia” she takes us further with the high energy break beat grooves of “Graceful Movements” which leaves us with the focus of our premiere the title track “Pure Intentions”

Make no mistake about it “Pure Intentions” is a beast. Deploying a monster kick that resonates throughout my entire brain cavity we get things started pretty quick. “Pure Intentions” is a nose to the ground driving force that just keeps compounding on itself as each new phrase comes along to introducing more elements to the fray. Their is a heavy industrial feel to the track reminiscent of some of the techno that was born out of some of that early Detroit techno. A bouncing arpeggio sheds a little ray of sunshine on what is otherwise pretty dark and banging techno monster. I really like how the arp gets a little squelchy and takes on some characteristics of an acid/303 line at times throughout the track as well. Looking forward to seeing all the faces melt when this one gets dropped at the Club! You can grab this track and the entire EP for that matter this Friday make sure to smash the link below and enjoy!!

VONDA7 – Pure Intentions EP – art / werk records



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