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LAMP Premiere: Doc Brown – Underground House [Unlearn: Records]

Hey LAMP Fam!! We have a new treat for you today. We are excited to welcome Doc Brown back to the blog. You may remember his previous mix he did for us not too long ago. If you want to go back and check that out it is #309 in our mix catalog. A veteran of EDC and long time resident on The Groove Cruise, the Miami native has recently launched his own record label Unlearn: Records. The EP consists of two excellent tracks Underground House along with Subconscious. We are stoked to have the opportunity to share Underground House with you here today!

I was immediately attracted to groove of this track from the opening bars. There is a mesmerizing quality to the groove that allows the listener to settle in and get real comfortable while still keeping a solid energetic vibe about the song. I particularly love the overall drive of the groove and the heavy dose of bass that accompanies it. I know I say this quite a bit, but I honestly don’t know how else to explain it. It has that feeling like freight train steadily gaining momentum down the tracks. Continuously adding drive and momentum as the song progresses with each coming phrase. With the added vocal the song feels like the perfect combination of the Chicago House and Detroit Techno eras of old. A perfect marriage that will hit hard just about anywhere it gets a play. Whether its EDC on a festival mainstage, or in the club and most certainly in the dark warehouses at 4 am, and seeing as how no one is going to any of those venues at the moment I’m sure this is even gonna rock a few livestreams.

You can get the full EP on Friday Sept 25th check the link HERE for pre-order and to buy when available.

Please see the Full Press release Below along with a cool interview talking more about the track and Doc’s new label. Thanks and Enjoy!!

Tell us about your new label Unlearn… does the name have a particular significance?

Yes, indeed!  Unlearn:Radio has been the name of my radioshow now for years, so it seemed logical to roll that branding into the label.  The concept came from a book I read when I was going through a difficult time; the concept is that sometimes you have to unlearn certain behavior & patterns that have become habitual in order to truly progress.

Are there any labels you’re looking to emulate, either in the style of music, or way they do business?

There are a number of labels out there from a business perspective that are absolutely smashing it.  Labels like Toolroom, Defected & Dirtybird have grown from a record label into a lifestyle brand, which to me is the ultimate success.  As far as style goes I’m not really trying to emulate anyone, to be honest.  The music I write doesn’t tend to fit neatly into genre bins, so my hope is the label can become a home for amazing music that falls in those same spaces.

How often will you be releasing?

The current plan is to have one release per month.  I feel that gives enough time to properly work the release with PR & DJ promo without being completely overwhelmed, or overwhelming everyone else!

Will there be other artists on the label in the coming months?

Yes, for sure.  I have two tracks with MC Flipside coming up next, actually.  I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time & he’s one of the earliest supporters of my music, so I’m really excited about these tracks.  Singles & remixes from other artists are in the works as well.  I already have artists asking about sending demos, and the truth is I listen to almost everything that gets sent to me.  Bottom line, if I’d play it I’d sign it.

How do you decide which records work best with one another on the EPs so far?

Knowing the first releases were going to be my own music, I had been collecting a pool of demos & had a lot to choose from. For me, once the creative process of writing a track is complete it’s hard for me to place it commercially, so I’m lucky enough to have a helpful team that can steer me in the right direction as far as combos that would be most appealing to DJs and fans as a package.

We know it’s early days, but what’s been the most rewarding part of label ownership so far?

Watching the release develop from idea through artwork, promotion, release day—and in the case of the first release, chart success—is really cool.  I can also monitor the daily progress of each release much more closely; I’m working with Labelworx & having all the analytics at my disposal is extremely helpful.  I’m actually looking very much forward to releasing music from others as well and helping develop artists…I have a great system in place & look forward to sharing it!

Press Release

US electronic artist Doc Brown presents the second release on his recently launched Unlearn:Records: the two-track Underground House / Subconscious Impulse which further showcases his talent for hypnotic, techy, groove-focussed house music. 

Miami’s Doc Brown is known for incendiary performances at EDC and BPM Festival as well as holding a longtime residency aboard the infamous Groove Cruise. This year he has become a label owner for the first time in his career. 

Underground House / Subconscious Impulse is Doc’s second release on the label. Underground House is one of the most propulsively brilliant records of his career to date: techy stomper with more energy than a nuclear reactor. Subconscious Impulse is no slouch either, with Doc displaying his propensity for hypnotic, disorientating techno with aplomb.  

Unlearn:Records will serve as an outlet for his own fresh, unique take on tech house and techno, as well as showcasing other artists producing incredible music that sits a little outside of the status quo. Expect dark grooves, rolling beats and an abundance of energy with every release.

“Setting up a label was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it’s really only been in the last year that I’ve been able to solidify my vision for what I want to achieve.  Truth is, without investment in a release, there really isn’t much chance of success, and very few labels, outside of the big ones, are making those investments.  

“The current system perpetuates the idea that you need to have a big fan based to get signed, which stifles creativity & new artist development, or that you need to sign to one of the big ‘gatekeeper’ labels to be successful.  Unlearn:Records is based on the idea that we may need to rethink the artist/label relationship status-quo at its core.” Doc Brown








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