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LAMP Premiere: Booka Shade – Pole One [Blaufield Music]

Having listened to this amazing duo for nearly 15 years now it is pleasure to present to you “Pole One” from Booka Shade’s latest release “Dissonanza” for their label Blaufield Music. Due out this Friday, Booka Shade are following up their LP from earlier this year ‘Cut The Strings’. Aiming for a departure from their original sound with this EP, they have succeeded in developing a wonderful 3 track EP that is loaded with interesting harmonies supported by energetic grooves and percussion. As I mentioned above Pole One is the focus of our premiere so lets get to it.

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A nice full kick greets us with the first beat followed quickly by the arpeggio that will meander through the song till the very end. This little arpeggio really is the main theme to the whole song as it will morph and modulate through different phrases of the track. Another aspect of the song that I am really enjoying and it seems to be a theme among the EP is how the duo are testing the boundaries of frequency and harmony. The harmony of disharmony. There are so many rabbit holes to slip into if you are not careful. The way the arpeggio flips back and forth between the sort of bongo drums and the synth and then together with all of the other percussion. It is like candy for the brain. All in all it makes for a really interesting piece of music and most importantly it makes me want to shake my body. While I may be a little biased I can say they that Booka Shade have really hit this one out of the park. Look for the full release out August 10th on Blaufield Music

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