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LAMP Premiere: David Pher – Burning Man


LAMP Premiere: David Pher – Burning Man

This week has been full of treats. We have another one for you in the form of a premier from Supremus Music. Earlier this year we were fortunate to have the wonderfully talented Giom join our guest mix series. If you have been following along then you may already know that he heads up Supremus. He was kind enough to send us over a preview of the labels end of the year compilation and has allowed us to share one of the tracks with you before its release this Friday.

A fantastic compilation consisting of 10 new tracks. One that stood out for us was “Burning Man” from David Pher. The name David Pher alone was enough for my ears to perk up a bit. Having had a very successful career so far since jumping on to the scene back in 2008. He is another force to be reckoned with from the Berlin Techno scene. His track Burning Man will take your senses on a trip. The title “Burningn Man’ can be interpreted in so many different ways. Not sure if Pher was inspired by the festival, however, the track took on a different shape for me after listening to it several times. Starting off with a simple little groove the track really gets going when the robust sub bass starts pumping with the kick, snare and other percs, sort of chugging along like an old locomotive. It really makes up the heart and soul of the track. Coincidentally the lead synth that comes in a bit later, is a brightly charged chord synth that sound a bit like a train whistle if you use your imagination. It has a classic progressive build, picking up steam, adding new pieces as it rolls along gradually gaining momentum, before coming to quick halt as it rolls into the station. Another solid gem from David Pher. You can preview the rest of this compilation down below and make sure to pick it up the 22nd when it is released.

“We’d like to end the year with a bang and present to you the first volume of SUPREMATISM, a 10-track collection and our final offering for 2016. Suprematism was originally the name of an art movement created by Kazimir Malevich in 1915, where he and other artists exhibited their work in a similar style, mainly geometric forms and shapes (the main influence for our early release artwork). So when we decided to prepare a compilation of both label regulars and up-and-coming talent, we thought the term fitted perfectly.” – Supremus

Also check out Giom’s guest mix he made for us earlier this year:


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