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LAMP Weekly Mix #251 feat. Worthy

Get ready to bounce your booty for the next hour with this week’s guest mix artist Worthy! We are really excited to have this Dirtybird player and label boss for Anabatic Records with us this week. If you have had the pleasure of getting to know his music over the decade or so he has been at it, then you know this week’s mix is gonna set you off into outer space. For the rest of you it is way past due for you to dive into this incredible artists mixes and productions. Excited to put this one in my ears and get down. Down below is a wonderful Q & A we had with Worthy. Dive in and enjoy.

PZB: Hi Worthy! It is great to have you with us this week for our podcast. I have really enjoyed listening to your music over the years and excited to hear what you have put together for us. What can we expect from your mix?

Worthy: I put together a really fun bass bumping mix. It was a real pleasure to put together.

PZB: It was great to meet you at the most recent Dirtybird Campout. There is really no better way for a fan to enjoy the entire community. Everyone is very accessible and approachable which is a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of. I saw Will Clarke and Claude battle it out in major game of dodgeball with about 50 people to a side. The opportunities to mingle and get involved with their favorite artists on a entirely different level are boundless. What is that like for you personally as you walk around and interact with your fans throughout the event?

Worthy: It’s just the best experience for me. I love getting to walk around and see everyone with big smiles on their faces and having the best time of there life playing games and dancing. I love the chance to interact with the fans and make new friends out there too. Even as an artist, I experience the festival as a fan as well, whether it’s Bingo Revival or watching the floatie race or jumping into a game of tug-O-war, you can’t really find that summer camp vibe at any other festival and it brings back childhood memories but I swear it’s all the more fun as an adult. The nostalgia is real as is the continuous sense of camaraderie. I already can’t wait to do it all again next year!!

PZB: You have spent a good amount of your your life on the east coast before moving to San Francisco where you would become one of the 4 founding members of Dirtybird events. What and who were musically inspiring that were important from your childhood in DC and time in NYC?

Worthy: Growing up in DC I was really into punk rock. Especially the band Fugazi. That scene had a huge impact on me with the DIY mentality that I have taken with me on my musical journey. I got into dance music in college in NYC with Justin Martin. We really got exposed to the underground scene there and it captivated me so much that it became my entire focus. . A couple of the more inspirational people for me where Sasha and Digweed , LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, and Cassius. Back then I saw so much music and it was all so amazing to me. The scene in each city was so small comparatively to now that the experience was more intimate. It felt like we were there from the beginning as far as in America.

PZB: Oh man some of those names really take me back. On that same note you seem to really enjoy the west coast life seeing as you have been here since the early 2000’s. Besides the fact the DB HQ is in SF what else is it about the area the you really like and keeps you here?

Worthy: I just love the eclectic vibe and the open-mindedness of people who live in the Bay area so much. I love when I get to go out into the city and enjoy the nightlife on those special nights when I am off. It’s like a festival every weekend, the talent that comes through SF is unreal. There is a real community vibe here in the dance scene. I go out and its like seeing family. Its something really special for me. I also love the food and drink culture and the weather is pretty awesome as well. I honestly can’t imagine living anywhere else in the states.

PZB: As if being majorly involved in one label wasn’t enough you had to go and start another successful label, Anabatic Records, that I have been collecting for several years as well. Tell us about the motivation to get that off the ground and what it has been like to see the label grow over the years.

Worthy: Back when I started it, it was about creating a place for me to release my own music with boundless creativity, having the absolute freedom to release whatever I wanted and just explore my mind as an artist. I was not thinking about releasing other peoples music at first, but people just started to send me demos and they were good so I decided to put them out. It has been a cool journey so far and at times difficult to maintain as I was not a business-minded person per se, so I’ve had to learn a lot and had some growing pains along the way. I have been honored to see so many artists I have put out music for really thrive and become well-known artists. It is one of the coolest things to see and to be a part in helping them break through.

PZB: Reminiscing on a few tracks while putting this Q & A together. Tric Trac is one that always gets me and another one I came across from Anabatic circa 2011 “With This” feat Kevin Knapp. I miss the Breaks! Between breaks and house and tech house and base house styles that you have been become known for is there a process or a formula you have in mind before you get started on a track?

Worthy: I really don’t have a set process to what I have done . At times I have gone in and strived to make a certain sound for record that I was aiming to release on a specific label. I have found that when I do this it most of the time does not work out so well and becomes a head fuck. At this point I am trying to write from a place of pure creativity. Where I just go in and try and write an idea or two every time I get into the studio and maybe one of them will turn into an song I put out.Then after figure out where that track would go for a proper home. I’m always trying new things and I’m still really trying to discover a process that I can count on to deliver.

PZB: Over the 10+ years you have been making music, you have released on so many different labels. Do you usually have something already in mind before you set out to start crafting the song? When you sit down to make a track, what are some initial things you always do before getting started?

Worthy: When I start off a track I almost always start with drums and the kick first. It is the backbone of the whole song and I could not tell where things would fit if Idid not get that part set first. I at times have a sample I want to work with and make something around that or a vocal hook I have come up with in my head. But everything else come together by experimentation in the moment.

PZB: With all the music you put out I would imagine you have your own studio or place to bust out all of these tunes. What is your studio set up like and what are some of your go to pieces of Hardware and software VST if you don’t mind sharing.

Worthy: I mostly work in my computer and I use Ableton as my platform for creation. Some of my favorite VST’s are Massive, Sylenth, Monarch, and Serum. I have a Moog Sub37 too that I often mess around with. Its fun to sit down and play with some outboard gear. Something I’m more excited about exploring these days

PZB: What is your favorite thing to listen to when you want to get away from all the house and tech stuff?

Worthy: I love to listen to a lot of chill indie rock and more chill electronic music especially when I am traveling. Some of the bands I listen to are Beach House, Panda Bear, Real Estate, SOHN, Mac Demarco. But I am also a big Steely Dan fan and can get down with some classic rock.

PZB: Is there anything else coming up in your world that we should know or you want to tell us about that we should be keeping an eye/ ear out for?

Worthy: I have a show this coming Saturday in LA for the Minimal Effort Halloween party at the Belasco Theater. Other than that we have another release coming out in a couple of weeks by Ocean Roulette & Itsbilly that is pure fire. My next releases will be coming out next year. I have some collabs and a bunch of other new material that will be coming out in 2019, so stay tuned!

PZB: Thank you so much for your time and the incredible mix you put together. Please keep us posted on future releases and we will see you Saturday at Minimal Effort!!

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