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Track of the Day: Yaleesa Hall feat. Malin – Hayley Roach

I am excited to share music from someone we have yet to feature here at LAMP. I have been collecting releases from Will & Ink along with Yaleesa Hall for the last couple for years now and am always impressed with the quality and originality in the music that he is putting forward. Based out of Amsterdam the label is on the cutting edge of techno and gaining in popularity with each new release. In the past the label has put forward music from legendary producers Josh Wink, Simian Mobile Disco, FJAAK and many more. Today we would like to talk more about the latest release from Hall and the track titled “Haley Roach”.

Along with another Will & Ink regular Malin, Yaleesa put together a strong release set to transport your mind to another dimension. Not entirely sure what the meaning of each of the names behind the tracks are but I am in love with “Haley Roach” whoever she is, and for that matter Zoey and Laura I see you too! There are so many interesting things happening in this track. From the opening bar you are greeted with an energetic sort of break beat groove accompanied by flanged out pad and a menagerie of crunchy little synths and other percussive effects that dart in and out of the mix from every direction it seems. At the center of attention on this track though is a deep pulsating saw synth that grinds and vibrates it way through every inch of your mind body and soul. There is no letting up with this one so buckle in and hold on were going deep down the rabbit hole today. I have the other tracks from the EP along with the full version of the track for you to check out down below. Enjoy.

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