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Track of the Day: Upercent – Pulsacions

Track of the Day: Upercent – Pulsacions

Happy Monday! Today’s track comes from Spanish DJ and producer Upercent. A couple of weeks ago Upercent released his ‘Tretze EP’ on Valencia-based house label Sincopat. The whole EP is bomb and worth a listen so choosing one song to highlight today was an uphill battle. In the end the EP’s second track ‘Pulsacions’ resonated the most. ‘Pulsacions’ leads in with a sample of water flowing up against a shoreline, giving us a quick peaceful moment before dropping the beat on you like a hammer. The way that that heavy melody drives the track forward is just captivating. I love all of the ambient elements: the vocal samples, the modulated echoes, the exotic horns and wind pieces… they all just work. Upercent obviously put a lot of time into arranging this track and the EP as a whole. Very well done!

Upercent definitely has that ‘it’ factor. Born in Valencia, Upercent is an artist with a broad yet grounded sound. His music touches a wide range of genres jumping back and forth between techno, house, and indie electronica. But all the while it maintains something inherently Spanish. He does a remarkable job at putting a piece of himself into his music and refining it into dancefloor heat. Upercent has released for some of the top house and techno labels including Diynamic, Suruba, and Sincopat as well as having collaborated with artists like AFFKT, Rafael Cerato, and David Pher. Next up for Upercent will be the release of the remix package for ‘Tretze’ which will feature tracks from Blond:ish and Nick Warren.

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