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Track of the Day: Transcode – Adonis

It’s a saying we’ve all heard before: great minds thinks alike. Great artists also think alike, and that’s a concept that helped shape Oliver Koletzki’s label Stil Vor Talent. Stil Vor Talent translates to “Style Before Talent” but assuming the artists on the label are anything but exceptional would be a mistake. Koletzki started the label with the goal of bringing in artists with a common sound, but who also have their own distinct style and touch. Having a distinguishable sound is a necessity if an artist hopes to make it on SVT. Techno-producer Transcode, from Manchester England, is a great example. With releases on both Stil Vor Talent and Filth On Acid, Transcode’s songs feature a distinct and well-polished style. His productions feature beautiful harmonies, and properly designed sounds. Today’s track of the day Adonis comes from Transcode’s latest EP which bears the same name: Adonis.

Adonis is a slow-builder, taking its time to properly develop and progress. The intro is no different, with elements finding their way into the song 16 bars at a time. About a minute in, the bass-line joins the kick and you get the feeling that the real fun has now begun. As with Transcode’s other tracks, the bass is all-encompassing and quickly envelops and surrounds the listener. The track features synth leads, with a distinct ethereal feel, scattered about to create a web of sounds that interact very well together. The main lead is both deep and aggressive, while also remaining refined and polished via modulation of a low-pass filter. The progression of the lead by the filter modulation keeps the listener occupied and engaged. All-in-all Adonis is an excellent track with a ton of depth. Look out for all of Transcode’s future releases!

The rest of Adonis EP can be found below.

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