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Track of the Day: Township Rebellion – Ramses

To close out the first week of 2018 I wanted to talk about one of my favorite new labels of 2017. Headed up by Reinier Zonneveld and launched last year the label has jumped to the top of my list when it comes to go to labels for techno. I have talked about past releases here and I am sure I will talk about others in the future. For today we have a new one from Township Rebellion’s “Brothers” EP. Consisting of two new tracks, the first titled “Moses” gets some love from Zonneveld in the form of a remix and both smash. Considering both versions of “Moses” got premiers I figured I would shine a light on the appropriately titled “Ramses”. A little more subdued than “Moses”, Ramses still delivers in a big way. Characterized by rich layered synthesizers and a driving groove this track is like an amusement park for your ears. Gritty sawtooth sub bass and wobbly bass lines fill the low end while a number of vibrating pads and airy synths dart in and out of the mix creating an incredible dynamic. Township Rebellion is one to keep your eye on if this is your first time experiencing their music. Check out “Moses” along with a couple others down below. Enjoy.

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