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Track of the Day: Tigerskin x Alfa State – Slippery Roads

Happy Friday everyone. Got a fresh new jam from Pablo Bolivar’s label, Seven Villas for today. Tigerskin have gotten together with Alfa State to bring you a dreamy EP with two new singles each accompanied by their own respective remixes. We have talked about Tigerskin here in the past and it appears that Alfa State is a new project of Mazi from the group Nature of Music. As I was searching through my music channels this found its way into my ears and instantly put a smile on my face. For our track of the day, I am going to focus on the title track “Slippery Roads”.

A delightfully uplifting track that soothes the body and soul. A nice soft and rounded out kick fills out most of the low end on this track complimented by some lively percussion to fill out the groove. The major draw on this track for me though are the exquisitely designed pads and chords that permeate through every part of the song. Wonderfully complimenting the arp synth along with the rain drop piano notes in the middle of the piece. If you enjoy your house music deep and soulful then this is definitely an EP for you to check out. It is posted down below in its entirety and highly recommended. Enjoy.

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