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Track of the Day: Third Son ft. Haptic – Climb to the Sun (Guy J Field Trip Remix)

Track of the Day: Third Son ft. Haptic – Climb to the Sun (Guy J Field Trip Remix)

Third Son is one of our favorites here at LAMP, when combined with the incredible voice of Haptic you have something magical to spread to your ears. Last year these two came together for one of the top releases of the year for the Toronto based label Microcastle easily one of my favorite tracks of 2016. Over the years the label has gained quite the reputation and built one hell of a catalog that includes the best and brightest of the industry. Some of the more prominent include Tom Middleton, Robert Babicz, Petar Dundov, Jeremy Olander, and Brian Cid. Included in that list is Guy J, an artist we have had the pleasure of hosting here in LA. He instantly took a liking to the track from Third Son and asked the label for the stems to create his own remix. Luckily for us the label obliged. The result is something that is pure genius. A track that is full of emotion. It has a very warm and comforting intro with soft trumpeting pads and a rich full sub bass line chugging along like a locomotive. The real star of the track though is the voice of Aussie native Haptic who has in my opinion the most wonderful voice in the entire world when it comes to this genre. For 9 plus minutes Guy J absolutely dazzles us with his ability to effortlessly takes on a journey that will tickle your auditory senses. It is pretty hard not to get completely lost in oneself. Enjoy.

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