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Track of the Day: The Code – Paramount

For today’s TOTD selection we have a brand new record from an enigmatic group of artists from the United Kingdom known only as The Code. “Paramount” is the title track from the 3rd mixtape from the ever mysterious artists following their previously released projects “1/11”, and “Blue Electronica.” “Paramount” embodies the group’s pantheistic approach to production and draws on the full spectrum of their influences, synthesizing them into a funky fusion of hip hop, r&b, rare groove, neo-soul, house, and electronica. The combination of the track’s dark and soulful vocals along with the group’s cutting edge production style showcases their virtuosic ability to bridge such a broad range of genres into something entirely their own. Press play on “Paramount” below and let The Code transport you to the moody and vibrant soundscape they have made their signature.

In addition to the album, The Code has also released a short film to promote the record featuring their signature visual aesthetic alongside songs from “Paramount.” Check out the short film and the rest of the songs from the album below. Be on the look out for The Code live as they are set to tour Europe and the United States later this year.

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