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Track of the Day: Simian Mobile Disco – Fugu

We are only a few more days away from the LAMP 5 Year Anniversary with Matthew Dear and Simian Mobile Disco. MR PUZL and I along with the rest of the LAMP family are really looking forward to the occasion. I couldn’t help myself today and went back and did some digging through some of the Simian Mobile Disco archives and found one of my old favorites to share with you today for our track of the day. The track is “Fugu” off of their album Delicacies from 2010.

A series of releases throughout 2010 culminated in the release of the full LP near the end of the year. With all of the tracks taking on exotic names of foods from around the world. Most of us have heard of the Japanese fish “Fugu”, that if you not served it just right can kill you. Luckily this track wont kill you if listen to it the wrong way (if that is even possible). Starting off with a stabbing synth that is analogous to its spiny skinned name sake. The plucky synth takes center stage throughout most of the track modulating and creating a wonderful dynamic, edging towards acid house but still maintaining a sort of minimal techno groove to it. The culmination of the track takes us to another galaxy with all of the synths working in tandem to create an ethereal sort of vibe that gives me a sensation of swimming through a sea of stars.

We are so excited for the opportunity to host these incredible musicians. If you live in the LA area we would love for you to join us this weekend. As a special gift to our readers if you use the code: LAMP on the ticket page you can get a ticket for the early bird price. Enjoy, and we hope to see you there.

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