Track of the Day: Sacha Robotti – Girl Scout Cookies


Track of the Day: Sacha Robotti – Girl Scout Cookies

I forget exactly where we were (I think it was at the LAMP 3 year Anniversary party we had Sacha play for us) but I remember having a conversation with Sacha and we were talking about different labels. He asks me “Do you know anything about Suara?” I’m like “hell yes that’s one of my favorite labels, LOVE the Big Cat, Coyu”. He then follows up with “they asked me to make a track should i do it?” immediately I’m like “Uh yeah what are you waiting for”. A few month later here I am writing about Sacha Robotti and his latest release for Suara Records. ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ is the 1st track on a new compilation from the label and it is a bit of a departure from the music I am used to hearing from Sacha and his booty poppin’ grooves. A departure that I am really digging by the way.I really like how the drumstick hits kick off the track and slowly morphs into this wonderful little arpeggio that sort of works its way in and out through the entire track maintaining its pace and creating a consistent theme throughout. A sultry and subtle baseline nicely compliments the lead giving the groove a bit of bounce to it. Tying the track together and giving the track some superior dynamics are the huge sweeping bass pads he introduces periodically giving the song a very dramatic and darker feel to it. This is just one of several tracks from many different artists on the compilation ‘Beautiful Imperfection’ which was released this week. I’ve yet to dive in to the full album. Looking forward to it of course. It is certainly off to one hell of a start with this gem from Sacha.

I have been very fortunate to have gotten to play alongside this amazing producer and DJ, not once but twice in the last year. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Sacha Robotti. He is taking a little break from his other project which you may have heard of called Robosonic to focus on some of his own stuff for a while. Tracks which have been getting snatched up by DirtyBird, This Aint Bristol, Toy Tonics, and many others. Since his arrival in Los Angeles recently he has become quite popular and is playing a ton. He recently played CRSSD Fest in San Diego and is currently on tour with Ardalaan. His upcoming schedule also includes stops at the Do Lab at Coachella, and Lightning in a Bottle. He is an all around nice guy and probably one of the most approachable touring DJ’s you will ever come across. Keep an eye out for him if your in LA, and check out more of his stuff down below.

This week we also had an incredible guest mix from Arms & Legs label boss Kristin Velvet. Make sure to pop this in your ears if you haven’t yet.

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