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Track of the Day: Roel Salemink – Koray

Track of the Day: Roel Salemink – Koray

This last year has seen the launch of what has fast become one of my favorite labels for all things Techno. Filth On Acid has been hitting on all cylinders and I see no sign of it missing anytime soon with Reinier Zonneveld at the helm of a label that we will be talking about quite a bit more in the future. Today we have a fresh release from Roel Salemink a dutch techno producer who has had releases on the like of the legendary Bush and Intec recording. The full EP consists of 3 excellent originals and a smashing remix of the title track from fellow dutch producers and legends in their own right Secret Cinema. I wish I could pick all of them. It was a close call, I loved the Secret Cinema remix and fell hard for the energetic acid vibes of “Attack” but “Koray” won my heart and will be the focus for our our track of the day. “Koray” had me hooked with the driving kick snare techno groove right from the intro, but it was the progression of the techno beast that really held on to my attention. The pulsating saw synth and pads give this sensation of constantly building, while strategically dropping the kick only for a moment to give you that payoff and release of tension. One of the things that really impressed me about this track is how it doesn’t just fill space it creates space. It is one of those incredibly produced and designed tracks that I will always want to try to play in an outdoor setting (as rare as those opportunities are) because I feel there is no single room that can contain the energy this song creates.

Not to be overshadowed or ignored are the other 2 originals from Salemink and Remix from Secret Cinema on the EP. I have them all linked below for you to check out and make sure to keep an eye on Filth On Acid, as they are putting out quite a bit of high quality music for an upstart label that is less than a year old.

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