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Track of the Day: Reset Robot – Held Note

Another new label from 2017 that grabbed my attention with consistent releases of high quality music is We Are The Brave. Started by one of the top producers on the planet in my opinion Alan Fitzpatrick. It would be fair to say the label is focused on promoting only the finest techno that is available. They had a very successful inaugural year and are looking to kick off 2018 with a bang. To help them do that is one of Fitzpatricks long time friends Reset Robot. A few days ago on SoundCloud I came across “Held Note”, one of two new originals forthcoming on a new EP at the end of the month.

To start off with you will want to make sure that all of your valuable china is fastened securely, as the kick and over all low end of this track is earth shattering. I love the simplicity of this track. The groove is not much more than a kick and snare with a few variations thrown in there. As the track title suggests the main element of the song is a single held note coming from Reset Robot’s Korg MS2000. The modulation of the note gives the track it’s dynamic as it works its way through a number of different oscillators, filters, and envelopes. I am trying for the live of me to figure out what the vocal is saying when it repeats but I really feel like it adds a nice touch gives the piece some emotion. I am looking forward to hearing the rest of this EP when it becomes available for now enjoy a free download from We Are The Brave and some more Reset Robot.

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