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Track of the Day: Phonique feat. Die Elfen -The Red Dress (Tiefschwarz Remix)

Track of the Day: Phonique -The Red Dress (Tiefschwarz Remix)

Throwing it back to 2004 today to one of my all time favorite tracks. Tiefschwarz remix of “The Red Dress” from Phonique feat. Die Elfen has been a staple in my life and my DJ sets since its release. Im going to try obviously but words don’t do this track justice. Tiefschwarz hits all of the buttons and takes me to my happy place with this remix, to the point where if I am ever having a bad day I make sure to put this song on and at least for those 7 glorious minutes I can put a smile on my face. There is so much going on with in this song from the bubbly bass line working in perfect time with the groove to the obscure little percs and synth pops jumping in and out of the mix. The highlight of the track for me though has got to be the ever present and building lead synth and the tone of those chords as it continues to grow and grow to the very end of the song. Topping things off and putting a cherry on top of it all is Die Elfen’s sultry and silky smooth voice chining in every once in a while with the “lady in the red dress” vocal. I cant believe this song is 17 years old now. It still hits me like it did the first time I ever heard it.

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