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Track of the Day: Oliver Dollar & Daniel Steinberg – Perc It Straight

Track of the Day: Oliver Dollar & Daniel Steinberg – Perc It Straight

One label we have spent some time discussing over the last couple of years here at LAMP is Arms & Legs. A Berlin based House and Techno label headed up by Daniel Steinberg and past LAMP Weekly Mix guest artists Nils Ohrmann & Kristin Velvet. With May in the rear view mirror and June looking us right in the face we are gearing up for our PUZL Records One Year Anniversary in a couple weeks. We are extremely excited that Kristen Velvet and Daniel Steinberg will both be joining us on June 17th for the Anniversary event here in Los Angeles. A few days ago Steinberg along with Oliver Dollar released a new EP containing two new singles sure to get you bouncin’ and shakin. Both tracks are off the charts and today we are going to focus on “Perc It Straight” as our Track of the Day. A booming kick gets things going setting up a bass laden groove. Characterized by a (super disco) bass guitar riff, a very lively electric guitar injects itself into the track midway through along with a chopped vocal to give it a very disco feel with some heavy warehouse vibes. If you look at the support comments on Soundcloud it is literally a who’s-who of house and techno showing love and support for this EP and we are here to jump on board that train. I love DJ Sneak’s response, who simply says “good bumpers”. I could not have put more simply and accurate if I tried. A fantastic EP with both tunes hitting the mark big time. The title track “Another Gal” is a bit more on the straight techno side of things which you can check out below as well below. Enjoy.

If you are in the LA area June 17th we would love for you to join us at our PUZL One Year Anniversary Featuring Lonely Boy along with the amazing talents of Daniel Steinberg and Kristen Velvet of Arms & Legs Records. In addition our PUZL Records artists Le Monkey, Damon Steele, Jeff Devoe and MR PUZL will be taking to the decks to keep everyone moving till the break of dawn. Tickets are currently $15 and can be found by hitting the banner below. Thanks for all of the support this last year and hope to see you on the 17th.

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