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Track of the Day: Octo Octa – Adrift

Track of the Day: Octo Octa – Adrift

Over the last few years the name Octo Octa has been popping up more and more in my music feeds. Based out of Brooklyn this incredibly talented producer and sound designer is steadily carving out a path for herself. Her talents have landed her gigs at Panorama Bar and many other world famous venues. If you look through her tour schedule it is stacked and has her traveling across the globe. Coincidentally as I was doing just that while writing this post I noticed she will be here in LA this Friday at Lot 613 for Prototype LA. Our track of the day “Drift” comes to us via Honey Soundsystem and is an absolute beast of a track. A Thunderous kick and accompanying bass line introduce the track. It is not long after, you are absolutely smacked in the face by the roaring horn that dominates the majority of the track. In a statement about the track she says that “‘Adrift’ is an intentionally dour song compared to other songs I have written as I don’t have a lot of hope in the wider scope of the world at the moment”. When listening to this track you can definitely feel the inner turmoil going on with in her. She takes us up and down so many different paths providing constant variations with the different instruments. About half way through a bright synth dances its way into the mix (It almost brings an air of acid vibes to it) and provides a ray of sunshine through all the brooding madness of the rest of the track. It is one of those incredible instances where a track takes you on an incredible journey from start to finish and you wish it would never end. Thank goodness for the repeat feature in my music player. In addition to the track, I also came across an absolutely stunning video Octo Octa created along with Ray McClure which I have attached down below. Seeing as the above clip is only a snippet of the song I highly recommend giving it a spin.

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