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Track of the Day: Nicola Septem – Seven

I’ll be honest: I probably haven’t paid as much attention to the label IAMT as much as I should’ve been. Label heads Spartaque & Egor Boss produce hard-hitting, and driven techno. Apart from their own musical productions, they also curate and run the label IAMT (IAMTECHNO) which features artists such as Skober, Tom Hades, Roel Salemink, and many others. The label’s 142nd release Seven comes to us via Nicola Septem.

Nicola, from Reutlingen, Germany, who also has several releases on TRAUMWELT in addition to today’s release, developed his sound in Germany, and started his own event series called “Going Deeper” in 2010. In 2013 he began his residency at TRAUMWELT which he still continues today along with a residency at “Session Deluxe.” Septem’s Seven EP falls right in line with his deep and dark style of techno, especially today’s track of the day, my favorite from the release, and the title track Seven .

Seven wastes no time building the base elements of the track. Instead Septem hits the listener with a deep rumbling bass accompanied by a mean muffled kick, with a few highs to spice things up. Before the first break the arpeggiator/sequencer has already found its way into the mix, with the occasional bass synth hit to keep the song moving. After the first break listeners have been introduced to most of the sounds in the track. Nicola continues to engage the audience by developing and automating certain elements of each individual sound, opening filters on some, closing it on others.

Septem’s knowledge of how crowds move is evident in his tracks. The second drop perfectly builds suspense and energy with plenty of noises on the high end of the frequency spectrum. Like the best techno drops, Seven’s second drop loses all the highs and leaves the listener with the bass, synths, and one pad in the background. That drop is my favorite type, almost an anti-drop when compared to Trance or other genres that bombard the listener with sounds after the drop. The rest of the track progresses nicely and continues to engage listeners. Seven hits all the right spots and I hope that you all enjoyed discovering it as much as I did.

The rest of Seven can be found below, and features a track from Sven Wittekind.

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