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Track of the Day: Mike Schommer – Mi Central Station

Each genre of music is comprised of many, smaller sub-genres. Or the big ones act as umbrellas to their smaller divisions. However you look at it, there are many forms of house, techno, etc. Without a doubt, one of my favorite sub-genres of Techno is Dub Techno. Often having groovy and melodic qualities, dub techno is represented by its lo-fi, warm, analog sound. Artists like Artefakt and Basic Channel represent a few of the well-known dub techno producers. Someone who popped up on my radar recently is today’s Track of the Day artist: Mike Schommer. Schommer is the co-founder of label DeepChord, with a sound similar to Basic Channel, albeit slightly more polished. He recently released his new EP Lärchenbaum on Baum Records. It features three tracks, and I had a tough time choosing between The Last Evening and today’s track: Mi Central Station.

Dub techno often features muffled and weak kicks. The Last Evening, off this same EP, features a toned-down kick. This is not the case with today’s track Mi Central Station. After a short intro, listeners are met by a thick, full, and deep kick. No London-style techno here, Schommer goes with four-to-the-floor for the backbone of the song. One of my favorite tenets of Dub Techno is the continuity of it, and the hypnotic nature of its songs. Mi Central Station is no different. Schommer utilizes white noise, smooth drawn-out pads, and endless reverb to give the song a sense of space. It entrances listeners, keeping the song moving without being abrupt. The name is apropos, because the scene I always imagine when listening to this genre is an underground bunker or train station. Old and concrete. The track is groovy and deep, leaving me bobbing my head the entire time. The only thing I didn’t love was the ending. The melody is still progressing when the track ends. But perhaps Schommer is teaching us a life lesson: even the best of things must come to an end.

I had a very hard time choosing between Mi Central Station and The Last Evening. I really enjoy The Last Evening. The rest of the EP can be found below, and I suggest you check it out. Tell me which one you prefer!

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