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Track of the Day: Le Knight Club – Coral twist


Track of the Day: Le Knight Club – Coral twist

Just wanted to start the blog off with a huge thanks to L’aFaaire Musical And OPuija Entertainment along with everyone who came out to celebrate and have a good time with myself and the LAMP crew last night alongside Autograf, Aston Shuffle and Robosonic. It was great getting to share a dj booth with such fantastic talents and a birthday not long forgotten. Keeping things going this week for the track of the day and also in anticipation of the annual Radiohead vs. Daft Punk Silent Disco here on the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, I have a classic house track ‘Coral twist’ from Le Knight Club aka Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo who along with Eric Chedeville make up the french house duo Le Knight Club.

While these two have a completely different side project. What they bring to the table is tightly wrapped disco style synth lines and pumping grooves that drive away relentlessly. To be honest, it’s really hard not to hear a hint of the Daftness in many of their track. This one on particular reminds me a bit of the style Daft Punk brought to the table with their Discovery Album. There is a lot of material from these guys. To put it simply if you are a Daft Punk fan you need to be listening to as much Le Knight Club as you can find (which really isn’t too difficult these days with the interwebs and such).

This Saturday finishing out the birthday festivities I will be bringing you over 2 hours of nothing but Daft Punk originals, Remixes, and Mashups for the ever popular Radiohead vs. Daft Punk Silent Disco on the Pier on Santa Monica. This is the last one of the year and sure to be the best. Tickets are almost completely sold out so if you want to be there get your tickets ASAP.


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