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Track of the Day: LAAT – Island Of Memory

Track of the Day: LAAT – Island of Memory

An artists who has found his way here to the LAMP Track of the Day in the past is new label boss Reinier Zonneveld. One of my favorite producers over the last few years, he has recently launched the label Filth on Acid. From what I have been hearing so far this will definitely be one to watch for the progressive house and techno heads out there. The latest release from the label comes from LAAT. “Island Of Memory” is the name of the EP and our Track of the Day. One of three new originals compiled with two exceptional remixes from Rob Hes and Joran van Pol. The track starts of with a soft tumbling bass line while the heavily dampened main synth line teases its way in and out of the groove chugging along. I am really drawn to the plucky lead and the way dynamic feel LAAT provides as it goes from a staccato and very distinct sound to a more bubbly and acid feel to it cascading through the mix like a waterfall of bleeps and bloops. Progressive bordering on the lines of straight Techno, you can tell from the first few bars of this song it is going to be a heater and it only gets better from there on out. This seems to be the style one can expect from this relatively new artist on the scene from what I can see. Already with releases with major labels like Octpus Black, Tronic and Elevate, I will be keeping a closer eye out for sure. Check out a few more of the tracks from this EP and a some others below. Enjoy.

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