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Track of the Day: Khainz – Planemos

Track of the Day: Khainz – Planemos

Good afternoon on this fine Wednesday here in Los Angeles. For our track of the day today we have some new music from 303 Lovers Records and producer Khainz. A while back we featured a release on Heinz Records from Khainz “Diagonal” that was remixed by Niko Schwind. Today we turn our focus on the Swiss native and “Planemos”, one of three new tracks on the EP sharing the same name. A soft choral voice builds from the opening note as the kick settles in establishing a what is to become an energetic and dynamic techno groove. You have to be patient for it, the opening has a little over two minutes of build to it but the pay off is worth it. A wonky sawtooth synth winds things up before launching the track into the main groove and full on techno mode. A legion of pads and arpeggio’s create a lighter, uplifting atmosphere, while the gritty bass line and sub bass vibrate every part of your body in this driving techno beast. In addition to “Planemos” this EP also contains two more banging tracks that have a ton of variety between them. All of which though are certain to get you shaking as they are incredibly well produced and have a ton of bounce in them. Check them out down below and enjoy.

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