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Track of the Day: Jono Ma & Dreems – A Love Trance Mission From Nk To 7S [KOMPAKT]

It was a slightly overcast morning to start the day here in Los Angeles and my mood definitely gravitated very quickly towards this tune by Jono Ma & Dreems as my Track of the Day pick. If you’re a regular reader of our TOTD series then you’re already familiar with one of our favorite outlets KOMPAKT. Between this long standing Cologne imprint and their sub label Speicher it’s safe to say that they make up a healthy amount of our reviews, and for very good reason.

With a title like ‘A Love Trance Mission from Nk to 7s’ and a run time of over 15 minutes you can expect a song like this to take you on one hell of a journey. Pull up a chair, find some really nice headphones or a nice set of monitors and just sit back and let your mind wander. The visual landscapes that this track paints are vast, fluid and seemingly endless. However, there is still a sense of structure and progress within the compositional framework of this song. It’s not easy to keep a listener engaged for a few minutes let a lone a quarter of an hour but the combination of swelling pads and timely instrumental introductions into the arrangement allow for this piece to maintain it’s integrity throughout.

As far as sound design and synthesis goes ALTMFNT7 (had to condense the track title for brevity, haha) really demonstrates the power of instrumental relationships. Each element with the song’s arrangement is occupying it’s own space and apart from intentional harmonics everything down to kick drum resonate with wonderful clarity.

If you watched the video for this tune above I hope you’ll agree with me that it is absolutely mesmerizing, and a welcome visual accompaniment to the song. Created by Jim Warrier at Brainwash a regular contributor to Jagwar Ma’s music videos. The lo-fi imagery, analog-esque visuals and raw stitched together clips are woven together by clever abstract transitions that find the near perfect moments wax and wane. I think seeing the visual representation to this musical piece really helped me pinpoint some of the sounds, like the thunder from the storms clips, and analog blips synced to simple geometric pulsating shapes. I really enjoyed the long and soothing outro of the recorded rain, an appropriate reward for those who dared to pay attention to the song for this long.

It goes without saying but the rest of the songs on this EP are definite must and a slightly more digestible amount of listening time for those with short attention spans. Below are just the clips, so have a dig through Youtube or if you’ve got a bit of coin lying around grab a copy of the EP here.

‘The Dreemas’ is a collaboration between Jono Ma (of Jagwar Ma) and Angus Gruzman (of Dreems, Die Orangen) and according to some press related items it was “ecorded between their studios in industrial North London and the rogue outskirts of Berlin”.
The pair have apparently been friends, room mates, travel buddies and so much more of the course of their relationships including of course collaborators in the studio. This revelation makes the quality and complexity of this latest release that much more interesting and purposeful.

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