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Track of the Day: Jazzuelle feat. Da Capo – Blood Moon

Track of the Day: Jazzuelle – Blood Moon

I fell in love today. Totally caught off guard which is the way it always happens. It is hard not to like the amazing catalog of Get Physical Music, past and present. Their A & R is top notch and have been putting forth amazing music for the world to hear for the last 15 years now so it is not surprising to be introduced to new talents and music quite regularly from them. I had seen Jazzuelle’s name on a couple of other releases and remixes for the label recently and decided to dive into this new full length EP of his to see what he is all about. 14 tracks make up this LP and it is not fair to pick just one nor should you limit yourself to listening to just this one track but it is called track of the day for a reason. “Blood Moon” will lift you up from the very first note. An airy arpeggio introduces the track as a deep groove progressively settles in. The whole track feels like a dream sequence. It’s hard not to completely lose yourself during the break as the piano trills in the upper register with the strings and wind chimes cascading along. If that weren’t enough Jazzuelle absolutely blows you away when he throws the whole groove back in after the break and drive the track home to its finale. If you are looking for some really intelligent music that is fun, uplifting and soulful you should probably add this incredible talent to your playlists. Im going to link the mini mix for his entire LP along with some of his other releases from the past below. Enjoy!

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