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Track of the Day: In2Deep x Fulltone – Absence

Good things come to those who wait. We’ve all heard the saying, and this week it rings ever more true. Three years after its original vinyl-only release, VA – Catalogue01 has been re-released digitally. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this gem for a while now. This release comes from L’enfant Terrible, a record label based out of Montreal, Quebec (for those wondering, L’enfant terrible is a French expression that refers to a very candid child who says embarrassing things). The label was founded by duo In2Deep, comprised of Hassan Kamel & Omar Bakir. L’enfant Terrible features artists such as YokoO, Death on the Balcony, and Ken Hayakawa. Today’s track of the day comes from label head In2Deep who paired up with Fulltone to bring you “Absence.”

From the opening bar, listeners find themselves rocked with a deep kick and a smooth chord in the background. A sultry piano rift finds its way into the mix soon thereafter. As the piano and opening progress, the background chord begins to develop a bit of squelch. The listener is enveloped in the funky and smooth daze until the song finally drops. Boom. Immediately listeners are hit with a deep and moody bass line, the type that makes you get a nasty look on your face. It’s truly funky. Aptly placed highs and clicks find their way seamlessly into the mix without being overbearing or distracting. The song is very well balanced and draws listeners in with its clean and refined sounds.

Fulltone describes his music as being well balanced harmonies with “diversified beats, sounds, and melodies” which come together to merge into “one tone, Fulltone.” I’ve not come across many descriptions that are more apropos. “Absence” has wonderful harmonies throughout the song that at to its depth.

The rest of the release was also worth the three-year wait and features YokoO, Matthias Vogt, and Pablo Bolivar. It can be found below:

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