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Track of the Day: Hot Since 82 – Like You (Paris Green Remix)

Track of the Day: Hot Since 82 – Like You (Paris Green Remix)

After an incredibly strong debut EP “You Got to Try” on Crosstown Rebels earlier this year, newly formed duo from Amsterdam Paris Green is following it up with another strong performance. This time they put their touch on one of Hot Since 82’s tracks from back in 2012 “Like You” for Get Physical Records. Easily one of my go to labels for the best house music on the planet, Paris Green have made a remix that will just as easily be one of my go to tracks off that incredible pile of records from Get Physical. Starting out with some lively chord stabs and a booming kick you get a real classic house feel out of the gates. They gradually build the groove bringing in more percussive elements and instruments to the mix along with a some interesting fx that almost sound like birds chirping in the background. The track builds like this for the first two minutes during which they also bring the vocal from the original into the mix. Its a bit more chopped up and kind of stabs away at the groove as it builds. After this intro the classic house feel of the song switches tone a bit as the bass line kicks in to give the track a bit more of an acid house vibe. It has a real smooth groove to it and feels much brighter in comparison to the original which is much darker and bass heavy. It is hard to believe this duo has not even been around for a year yet.To be fair they are both accomplished musicians in other fields before now, but still. I am very excited to hear more from this incredible new act. In the baseball world they would be batting 1000% in terms of getting a hit with every release. Granted it has only been 3 releases but 3 hits in 3 attempts is still pretty tough to do no matter what game your playing music or baseball. Check out the full version of the track of the day below as well as their first release from Crosstown Rebels below.


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