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Track of the Day: Granulate by Mak & Pasteman


Today’s selection comes from a duo who have been featured on LAMP’s Track of the Day a few times this year, Mak & Pasteman. “Granulate” is off of the new Materials Label which Mak & Pasteman launched back in late May/early June of this year. With this track there are elements of break beats (which I’m an absolute sucker for) mixed in with some classic house vocals, all tied together with a dark techy bass line. This is the third release and it features three other tracks from Mak & Pasteman on the album as well. One thing I love about these guys is they have the ability to bring together so many different genres of house music so seamlessly.

I have listened to a lot of music this year. If someone asked me to pick my favorite producers of 2014, I would have a hard time picking someone other than these two. These guys are so talented and have shown it with an extremely busy and productive year. They have done several Rinse FM podcasts this year in addition to their stacked touring and festival schedules. All while starting a new record label and putting out a steady stream of new tunes throughout the year. These boys from Leeds in the UK work hard. They have been going strong since they first started back in 2011. I came across them the first time back in the middle of 2012. They have had some great releases and remixes over the last few years but nothing like what they have done this year. Keep an eye on these two. I have a feeling their 2015 is going to be Gigantic!!!


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