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Track of the Day: Fideles – Unreal

Track of the Day: Fideles – Unreal

Today we have a track from Italian production duo Fideles. Earlier this summer John Digweed released a compilation of 31 original tracks through his infamous imprint Bedrock Records. The compilation featured 2 tracks from Fideles but the one that caught my ear in particular was called ‘Unreal’. ‘Unreal’ leads in with a tight synth melody that serves as the backbone of the track. A deep, hollow bass drum quickly drops in behind the melody which creates a sense of size. My favorite part is the second verse. They introduce an interesting stab that reminds me of an old remix from Joakim of ‘Camino Del Sol’ by Antena. Textured, dark, and melodic. Lovely tune!

Fideles is an Italian DJ and production duo consisting of Daniele Aprile and Mario Roberti. Since they started their project in 2010 Fideles and Aprile have demonstrated a considerable knack for developing beautiful, dark music. Their first release was an impressive progressive house track called ‘300’ that jumps back and forth between heavy club beats and playa vocals and strings. By sticking to their roots and maintaining a heavy focus on melody and dark atmospheres Fideles has managed to carve out a nice niche for themselves in the techno community. As of 2017 they have been pegged for releases by several top labels including Stil Vor Talent, Poker Flat Recordings, and most recently Tale Of Us’s Afterlife Records.

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