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Track of the Day feat. Henrik Schwarz and Dusky


What a week! I’m sure some of you are off to the desert to enjoy some fantastic music. I’m hoping to get out there weekend 2, but we’ll see. Anyway I’ve double up on both fronts today, we’ve got Henrik Schwarz and Dusky back on the radar with two of my favorite tracks of this week.

Once Again (Henrik Schwarz Version) – Henrik Schwarz, Kuniyuki Takahashi

Not enough can be said about a good piano recording and not enough can be said about how well Henrik Schwarz can compose a tune. Coming from a graphic design background and transitioning into a music producer at the start of his career seemed almost natural. I highly recommend this article from 2007 on RA by Steve Mizek which delves into an early Schwarz working through life, work and all things in between. This track although a few years old is timeless to me, it’s has such organic feel to it unlike a lot of the more computerized/synthetic house tracks that sample sounds and vocals like this in far less comprehensive ways. Schwarz music cleverly takes mind on a visual journey to some sort environment or place he has predetermined in his mind. I imagine myself sitting in a wicker chair at a out beach jazz club listening to a group of musicians play this as the sun is slowly setting behind them. The next time you listen to a Henrik Schwarz track I encourage you to close your eyes and let his music take you somewhere far away.

Nobody Else – Dusky

The wobbling bass gets me every time in this song, it’s just so damn good! This track has a so many clean layers that you can mix in and out of it’s an absolute must have in any deep house set. “Nobody” has a short track length but doesn’t mess about and gets right to point; having sex with your ear drums (too much?…lol) To learn more about the artists themselves have a gander at yesterday’s #totd post.

Stay tuned at 12PM PST tomorrow I’ll be dropping this weeks mix!


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