Track of the Day feat Dosem & Maxxi Sounsystem


Track of the Day # 1 Dosem – Cuts or Cats

Here we are again week 38 of the LAMP weekly mix series. Ive been frequently going back and checking out some of the older posts which has been fun. One of the guys that I noticed who has been featured here before quite a few times is Dosem. Do a search on the left hand side and you can find out a whole lot more about him. He recently released an entire album on a favorite label of mine Suara. I very rarely come across an album that I can say literally every track is fucking awesome. This one is one of them for sure. All in all its 11 tracks. I could have easily filled the entire week with just this album. That would mean I wouldnt get to share as many other great tracks I have come across recently. Like this next one from Maxxi Soundsystem remixed by the San Fransisco duo Bells & Whistles. I dont know much about these guys other than they from San Diego but now live in San Francisco and are know for throwing legendaery parties. I did also see them a couple of time this year at Burning Man and they were definitely on point. Ok thats it for today Ill have a couple more for you tomorrow!.

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