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Track of the Day: Eric Sharp & Tenova – Slow Me Down


Track of the Day: Eric Sharp & Tenova – Slow Me Down

I’m taking things back over from MR PUZL and want to start off this week with a free download and one hell of a track from Eric Sharp & Tenova. We also have an amazing guest mix for you this week from Cooper Saver so make sure to come back tomorrow for that one.

Last week at Space Yacht I ran into Eric Sharp who was kind enough to share his latest tune with me. Officially released Oct 9th, on his home label RIS Labs Records , it’s the latest of many high quality productions they are kind enough to give away for free so head over and download away.

“Slow Me Down’ is Sharp’s latest collaboration with Tenova and teams them up with Australian vocalist Erin Marshall who adds the perfect finishing touch to the duos solid production. Starting off immediately with a punchy kick and airy synth stabs Marshall’s voice floats around as the groove builds. This leads into the first vocal break which is stripped bare except for that aforementioned synth stab and a few choice percussive elements to keep the track moving. All of this gives way to the main body of the production which hits massively as Marshall’s voice explodes and the track thumps away with its driving sub bass and energetic grooves filling all of the frequencies coming from the speakers. A wonderful tune that is going in my record crate for gigs for the foreseeable future. This along with many others can be picked up for free on RIS Labs Souncloud page so go check it out!

Also if you get a chance listen to his collab with Whitney Fierce below:

Definitely worth scoping out her full EP ‘Broken Car Window’ as well:


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