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Track of the Day: Doublet – Frog Remains

Track of the Day: Doublet – Frog Remains

Today I thought we would bring it back to a track released last Fall from a production duo called Doublet. In September of last year Doublet dropped their 4th release ‘404’ (vinyl only) through their own imprint, also called Doublet. The EP’s A-side is a track called ‘Frog Remains’. It opens up with a funky vocal that could have easily found its way out of an episode of the Muppets until that bouncy bassline suddenly drops in. As Doublet slowly introduce more elements over the course of the first verse ‘Frog Remains’ just keeps getting funkier and funkier. My favorite part is the chunk between the two breakdowns. The groove is so strong when they drop that bass back in behind the hats. Such a fun tune!

Doublet is a production duo comprised of Tomoki Tamura and Giuseppe Tuccillo. Tomoki Tamura is a Japanese artist who is now based out of Berlin. Tamura came to Berlin by way of London where he spent years playing in venues like Fabric and Ministry of Sound. Tamura has been pegged for releases by labels like Variety Music, Get Physical, and Suara. In addition to Doublet, which he runs alongside Tuccillo, Tamura has his own imprint called Holic Trax which has released tracks from artists like Burnski, Shonky, and Robert Dietz. Tuccillo is an Italian DJ, producer, and Ibiza resident who has become a staple at clubs like Sankey’s, Watergate, and Space. Tuccillo is a regular contributor to labels like 2020 Vision and Visionquest. Tuccillo also runs a vinyl label apart from Doublet called Unblock which has primarily released EP’s from himself, Tamura, and Ralph Lawson.

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