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Track of the Day: Dirty Doering – Dagga – (Philipp Kempnich Remix)

It has been a busy month and I have been way behind on new music these days, so I went a head and did one of my massive downloads, going through promos and beatport and traxsource and the likes. One label that has always grabbed my attention is Einmusika and I happily to grabbed a few of the new releases they have put out. One that stuck out to me was this release from Kattermuke (Another label I love) boss Dirty Doering. His Dagga EP has two new originals, the title track and another collaboration with label head Einmusik titled Toyi Toyi. Both are incredible tracks that will take you on grand musical adventures but there was something about the Phillip Kempnich Remix of Dagga that struck a chord with me.

This is the first time we have featured any music from Philipp Kempnich, a regular on the Einmusika label. I really enjoy the German producers work and can say that he is one of the handfull of producers that when I see his name attached to something I know it is going to be good. He has produced on several other labels I watch closely such as Steyoyoke, Submarine Vibes, Ein2, and Save Us. He is also well known for next level sets at festivals across Europe along with his many club performances and early mornings at Berghain. With Dagga he takes us down a slightly darker path than the original from Doering. Kempnich supplies a techier groove to the song and starts making things interesting right off the bat with an arp synth lead that mimics the lead from the original. He really takes us on a journey when the brooding saw synths come in to fill out the lower elements of the piece. After a long day this was the prefect track to get me unwound and motivated to dive in to more music and you know what they say…there is plenty more where that came from. Speaking of which make sure to check out the full release below also label head Einmusik will be joining us in about a month LAMP x Clinic join forces on April 25th. More info on that below just click the flyer. Enjoy.

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