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Track of the Day: Depeche Mode – Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

Track of the Day: Depeche Mode – Cover Me (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

Breaking the mold here a little bit today with the youtube source but this track is too good not to share with you all, and the 15 second preview that Soundcloud has to offer is just not even fair. I think I should first state that I am a massive Depeche Mode fan. I have been lucky to see them perform live several times. Most recently I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl and it is quite easy for me to say they put on one of the best live shows on the planet. From their new album “Cover Me” is one of my favorites and when I saw the remix package last month I was most drawn to Nicole Moudabers Remix. One of the gods of techno Moudaber really takes us on a journey with this track. From the beginning a pulsating intro fills every bit of musical space along with the huanting voice of David Gahan teasing us, with the occasional boom and rising snares building up the energy before absolutely smashing us in the face with a thunderous kick. When she brings those rising snares back in it really gives the groove a fun locomotive feel to it. The journey continues as she adds a rolling bass line accompanied by a slew of little FX and atmospheric sounds that make the track extremely interesting to listen to through out its 11+ minutes of awesomeness.

Headphones simply do not do this song justice. I wish I could explain this better but Im going to try to do the best I can. I had a special moment with this track recently that I wanted to share with you. This past weekend one of the things we do as a release for ourselves and our friends here at LAMP is a semi annual trip to unwind in our secret little desert hideout. We bring a pretty sweet sound system and light up this massive rock formation that creates one hell of a back drop. It is just for one night and we have several musicians come out and play throughout the evening while the rest of us hang out by the fire and dance and just generally have a good time and unwind from the madness of Los Angeles. I was jumping on the tables at around 4:30am about an hour or so before the Sunrise and started my set with this track. The way the track sounded in an open space on a big system was like the pied piper had come out or something as people started to gravitate more from the fire to the speakers. It all just seemed very synergistic and was a unique moment in time that I wont forget anytime soon.

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